The Unholy Wars

Over a 2 millenia ago, Gaia was split into two factions. These were the Hayadantia Union and the Kalanos Consortium. Both sides were far more advanced than even the modern scholar can imagine. The few elves who were alive then have disappeared to some ancient holy land. No one is sure how or why the war started, but everyone agrees that its affects were terrible.

Legends vary on the type of technology. Some stories tell of artifacts that shot metal that would tear through one’s enemies. Ships with no sails, and some that even soared through the sky. Still other stories tell of a race of machine soldiers. But such power came at a price.

These machines went against all of the Gods’ authority. Mortals should not wield these powers. The Tainted amongst the Children of Gaia, even wove their sorcery into these blasphemous tools. The retribution of the Gods was swift and absolute.

The use of the Demon Seeds brought about the downfall of civilization. Monsters spread accross the lands, causing death and destruction to both sides, because of their dependence on machines. Then the Gods chose the man who would lead the world to salvation. That man was Gastion Trenada, the first Holy Emperor and God-King of Gaia. He and his followers set forth cleansing the land of evil and restoring peace. It is because of this man that we live in peace.

Kingdoms of Gaia